There is a Path.
Now There’s a Place.

An Integrated Health, Housing, Treatment and Supportive Services Hub

There is a path to recovery and wellness for those experiencing homelessness. The integrated Health, Housing, Treatment and Supportive Services Hub in Happy Valley-Goose Bay will meet vulnerable people where they are with integrated supports, treatment, and services all in one place. Providing vulnerable populations with safe, secure housing plus access to essential programs and services is a ‘Housing First’ best practice, which encourages mental health and addictions recovery.

Housing First involves moving people experiencing homelessness into stable and long-term housing, with supports. The goal is to encourage housing stability and improved quality of life for persons served by Housing First and, to the extent possible, foster self-sufficiency. It also means a person-centred approach to each individual’s unique needs including culturally appropriate mental health, addictions, wellness, and spiritual supports necessary to begin healing and rebuilding their lives. Housing First is supported as a proven approach to addressing homelessness.

Public Information Open House in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Teams from NL Housing, NL Health Services and project partners are hosting a public information open house on the integrated Health, Treatment and Supportive Services Hub.

Drop by to learn more about the project and to get answers to your questions.

Wednesday, May 22 – 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Thursday, May 23 – 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

College of the North Atlantic, 219 Hamilton River Road, Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Model of Care

A Path to Recovery

The Hub will include a low barrier shelter that serves as an emergency response for the most vulnerable individuals, providing a warm, safe shelter bed. In addition, the Hub will offer supplemental transitional and supportive housing units and a host of individualized programs and services that are inclusive and culturally appropriate for persons in need. These programs and services will be guided by a Harm Reduction/Trauma Informed approach (often the first step towards recovery).

Programs and Services slated to be offered by the Hub will challenge the barriers and stigmas surrounding homelessness and addiction. The design will integrate existing services into the new facility, such as income support and legal aid referrals, housing search services, health services and mental health and addictions supports. Bringing services to meet people where they are helps to break down barriers of access faced by those experiencing homelessness, mental health and additions and intergenerational trauma.

The Hub will build on existing services and address identified gaps, including a need for expanded shelter, transitional and supportive housing options with wrap-around supports. The space will also offer new supports including workspace for community-based organizations, and access to on-site programming including treatment, drop-in counselling and indigenous led cultural programming.

Meeting the Need: Critical On-site Supports

Facility Design

A Blueprint for Change

The proposed site for The Hub is located at 264 Hamilton River Road at the former Tree Nursery. Through collaborative work with stakeholders, a building plan is now in place that fully accommodates the purpose of The Hub, creating a peaceful space designed to reduce anxiety and promote recovery.

The Hub will provide space for a range of programs and services, but not limited to:

Next Steps



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Action Team

Supporting Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

The Action Team, which was established in May 2021, has adopted a coordinated approach to provide housing, health, treatment and supportive services for individuals in Happy Valley-Goose Bay experiencing homelessness and transiently homelessness.

This is a community-led group with representation from the Nunatsiavut Government, Innu Nation, Innu Round Table Secretariat, Nunatukavut Community Council, the Labrador Friendship Centre, the Salvation Army, the Provincial Health Authority, the RCMP, the Housing and Homelessness Coalition, Libra House, and the Provincial and Federal Governments.

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